Edge of Darkness


A murder . . . a suicide . . . a murder . . . so goes the tick-tock of the clock in a sleepy New England town as Kevin Whitehouse, David Allerton and Margaret Alexander are drawn into another mystery, this time involving the apparent suicide of Kevin’s father, Richard.  Little is known about Richard Whitehouse except that he’s a highly regarded demolitions expert.  But his death triggers a chain of events pointing to an iniquitous plan that – whatever its goal – is apparently unraveling.

Kevin feels impelled to investigate the death by dint of his profession as well as his steadfast refusal to believe his father capable of killing himself, even if it means locking horns with the local police chief – Labrec Carville.  Soon Kevin, David and Margaret find themselves knee-deep in dead bodies and deceit when small-town attitudes clash with urban sophistication as the deconstruction of events lead to a final resolution.

In Edge of Darkness, the body count seems to climb in direct proportion to the lack of solid leads and hard evidence.  But with their usual skill in thinking outside the box, the three friends persist in their relentless pursuit – despite encountering imminent danger at every turn.  Eccentric characters, bizarre events and gripping suspense are what you can expect from Edge of Darkness.  And you won’t put it down until you reach the mind-boggling conclusion, which will make you hunger for the next installment of the Darkness saga.